About the Program!

Quest for Questioners is an extension of James Madison University's Ethical Reasoning in Action program. Ethical Reasoning in Action has developed a series of Eight Key Questions to help people think ethically with a multi-faceted perspective to navigate the complicated situations that arise not only in challenging events but also in day to day life.

This program aligns itself with the value statement of Ethical Reason in Action: 

In the application of ethical reasoning to our personal, professional, and civic lives, we value:

  • challenging unexamined thought patterns and behaviors to evaluate complex issues and diverse perspectives;

  • engaging individuals and groups in intellectual inquiry, respectful dialogue and meaningful action;

  • fostering community through collaboration; and

  • positively transforming ourselves, our communities, and our world.

Meet the Adventurer!

My name is Austin Evans and I'm on a Quest for Questioners! I am a preservice teacher and Ethical Reasoning Educator at James Madison University seeking to challenge middle and high school students in the Harrisonburg City, Rockingham County, and Augusta County areas by engaging them in ethical reasoning.

How it Works? 

Use the menu to journey through the website to learn more about the 8KQs, how ethical reasoning instruction can fit into your program or class, or to contact me if you have any other questions or would like to set up a facilitation.